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Live Crawdads - Live Crayfish - Live Crawfish

We sell live river crawdads(blue crayfish) all year long and live red crayfish from California from August to October. 

 Live crayfish are shipped nationwide to any major airports where Southwest Air Cargo has its facility.

The blue crayfish come from the Sacramento River, the Mokelumne River, Steamboat Slough and as far north as Colusa city. The red crayfish are from the rice fields which are laying from North Sacramento to Colusa. Red crayfish season begins when Lousiana crayfish season ended.

Due to high demand than usual in the summer please call first to reserve crawdad/crayfish if you plan to buy more than 20 lbs and let us know:

1. Your name
2. Your pick up time
3. Your contact phone number
4. The quantity
Our contact phone numbers are 916-777-6666, 916-777-6806, 408-363-8271, or 408-893-5707.

                          Cooking crawdads/crayfish:
1. It's recommended to cook crawdads/crayfish with red potatoes, sausages, and corns on the cob in spicy boil until done.
2. Cooking
a. Prepare:
-  Clean crawdads/crayfish with salt water to let them purge before cooking.  Crawdads/crayfish react by throwing up most their dirty parts from inside.
- Crab boil (Cajun). One bag is enough for 30 lb. of crawdads/crayfish. One or two cloves of garlic cut in half and a couple of slices of lemon.
b. Cooking.
- Boil water with seasoning, garlic, lemon. Be sure the water is enough to cover crawdads/crayfish. Bring water to boil and then pour crawdads into the boiled water. Wait until water is re-boiled then turn the heat off. Let it stands for 15 minutes then remove the crawdads. Crawdads/crayfish are now ready to eat.



$ 5.50/ LB. For Blue Crawdad
$5.50/ LBS for red crayfish

The average is 12 per pound for blue crayfish and 18 per pound for red crayfish

We import boil from Beaumont La.
The best you will ever have.
" Chef Hans ","Louisiana Crab Boil"