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Fish Photo

Fish Photo

Ron Smyer 15 lbs striper at Sherman Lake

Picture 1

Tom White 40lbs on grass_ghost combo. Decker Island 01/05/03

Chris Weldy 76lbs sturgeon on ghost at Decker Island

Steven Buckmaster 33 lbs sturgeon at Decker Island 04/05/03

Picture 2. 

Many H-Phanh 35lbs striper on mudsucker. Isleton Bridge

Ron Smyer with his 60 lbs sturgeon on grass shrimp at Sherman Lake

Allen Coshi 33lbs stureon at Cache Slough on ghost 04/06/03

Picture 3.

Swede 55lbs sturgeon at light 44 Cache Slough on Swamp eel shrimp oil. 01/05/03

Moke Wagner 55# salmon on blue fox

Fishing Tips.
For sturgeon tips, go to at Delta Sturgeon Tips.
For sturgeon baits: grass shrimp, ghost shrimp, pile worm, shad, salted sardine, eels (using in the areas where chinese mitten crab exist). Using eel alone may not work well. The best way is using in combination with grass or ghost. If using eel alone, remember to add shrimp oil attractant. 
For striper baits:
** Frozen baits can be enchovie, sardine, shad (fozen or fresh--fresh is better).
**Live baits can be pile worm, blood worm, minnow, mudsucker.
** Lures can be broken back rebel, rattle trap et.c. Additional rubber worm with white color split tail is attached to the treble hook at the end of rebel works well.
Striper Trolling Tips: Trolling with water depth about 10 to 15 feet. Release fishing line about 30 feet to 50 feet away from your boat. If the lure hits the bottom, bring it up a little bit. Trolling along and close to the bank. In Isleton, some good spots: Long Island, upper and lower mouth are good. Isleton Bridge on Grand Island side, north of Isleton Bridge. Isleton boat ramp, Vieira Resort are.
For catfish baits: enchovie, chicken liver, night crawler.
For crappie baits:  
** Lure is crappie jig.
** Live bait can be small or medium minnow.