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1. Fishing Gear and Tackles including fishing rods, lures, hooks, sinkers, floats..
2. Frozen baits: Chicken liver, Sardine, Anchovy, Mackerel, Super Shrimp, Eel, Shad, Bull Head, Mudsucker.
3. Live Baits: Red Worm, Medium Nightcrawler, Large Nightcrawler, Pile Worm, Blood Worm, Jumbo Minnow, Mudsucker, Bull Head, Grass Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, Mud Shrimp, Crayfish.
4. Gift Items: T-Shirt, Hat, Koozie. All have "The Master Baiter" logo.

Three different colors as red, blue, and black

Crab Boil from Louisiana


5. Live Crawdads, Live Crayfish:  Live crawdads are available all year round. Red live crayfish are only available from August to October.
6. Drink: Cold Beer, Sodas, and Water.

Super Shrimp, how to make it:

Here is the 411 on he new hot Sturgeon bait, the Super Shrimp.  It was developed and tested last year for the first time.  Did it work?  Ill say it did but you be the judges.  What I can tell you is that it accounted for about $6,000 in prize money in Sturgeon Derbies.  Those who tested it said it was the best bit they have ever used and I feel the same.


So just what is it?  It starts out with sand shrimp and the production process goes like this.  First they are soaked in a brine solution for a period of time then removed and placed in a dryer to dehydrate.  When about 95% of moisture has been removed, they are placed in pure shrimp oil and soak it up like a sponge.  After they have plumped up full of shrimp oil they are removed and dusted with a special salt that sets they outside shell hard.  What you have now is a bait with super fish attracting power that stays on the hook well and is just like a dinner bell to the hungry sturgeon.  They are packed 18 to 24 per container depending on size and grade and retail for about $10. 

Salted Sardine:
Only Bob's Bait Shop makes this custom bait for three different kinds of fish including striped bass, sturgeon and catfish. This is not a frozen bait but salted bait. It stays in the hook better than frozen sardine and very tough.
A lot fishermen knew this bait since this kind of bait was in the market for several years and it works very good. Try this one and you will like it.

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