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The two main products are blue crawdads and the red crayfish.
We are also carry the cajun crayfish boil in a one pound bag.

Sacramento Valley Red Crayfish
Red Live crayfish in California is same as Louisiana crayfish. Red crayfish are available now in California. This information update by 08/14/13.
Retails price is $4.25 per pound. For the wholesale customers or restaurant customers, please email or call us for special price list.
Good news: for out of states customers. We plan to accept order from customers to ship via Southwest Air Cargo. The shipment will be on Friday so customers could get their orders by Saturday. Minimum order should be 40 pounds. Customers will paid for shipment when picking up crayfish at the airport.


Blue Crawdads From Delta Rivers
Blue crawdads are available year round. Live Blue Crawdads are from local river and they are wild caugh. They are bigger than the red crayfish. It's about 8-12 counts per pound.
Retails price is $4.95 per pound


We ship live crayfish to any major airports which have the Southwest air cargo facilities
Minimum order for shipment is 80 pounds.

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